Quarterly News  July-September 2017
Understanding the Flex Routes
July 15th, 2017
Tri-County Transit currently offers several routes and services to the general public. Included among these services are local flex routes.

Our Flex Route services are routes that have fixed stops and run on a circulatory type schedule. Flex route buses combine the convenience and affordability of public transit with the ability to access off-route destinations. These routes are designed to allow for deviations without creating excessive delays for other riders on the bus. The flex route buses will deviate 1/4 mile off of their designated routes to assist elderly or disabled passengers as well as the general public who may have difficulty getting to a Flex Route bus stop.

Our BG Flex Route operates on a one hundred twenty minute schedule between Berlin and Gorham. This route serves 17 stops at the most popularly requested destinations.

Our Tri-Town Flex Route operates on a one hundred and thirty five minute schedule between Lancaster, Whitefield, and Littleton. This route serves 14 stops at the most popularly requested destinations. 

Our Blue Loon Flex Route operates on a one hundred and thirty minute schedule between North Conway, Tamworth and West Ossipee. This route serves 6 stops at the popularly requested destinations. The Blue Loon Flex Route also offers a transfer to our Wolfeboro Connector in West Ossipee.

Tri-County Transit accepts deviated service pickups that are scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and do not deviate more than 1/4 mile off of the route to retain the normal schedule. Please call 752-1741 to schedule a deviated route.

From the links listed above, you may open, read, or download schedules, maps, brochures and route information.

B. GAGNE     Transportation Director     13 YEARS
A. GAUDETTE     LDM Volunteer Driver    3 YEARS
MCLEAN     Littleton Driver     2 YEARS
DHALL     Colebrook Driver     12 YEARS
RRICE     LDM Volunteer Driver     6 YEARS
SPOISSON     Mobility Manager     3 YEARS
FWELCH     LDM Volunteer Driver     2 YEARS
T. HANDRINOS     LDM Volunteer Driver     11 YEARS
MFAUTEUX     Berlin Driver     4 YEARS
RPREMO    Bookkeeper     3 YEARS
WHUDDLESTON     LDM Volunteer Driver    

Scheduling with Tri-County Transit using Medicaid
TCT Cash Calendar
July 15th, 2017
TCT accepts Medicaid payments to get to appointments but not everyone is aware of how to use the Medicaid program:

When requesting a Medicaid eligible ride using Medicaid as payment, the passenger must schedule directly through a Medicaid broker. To do this, call the number on the back of your Medicaid card at least 3 days prior to your appointment and follow the prompts. The passenger will then be asked a series of questions: Name, location, destination, and time/date of medical appointment. Be sure to request Tri-County Transit as your transportation provider.

Upon receiving the information, the Medicaid broker will send the 
data to Tri-County Transit through an online portal, awaiting approval. Once it is decided that their are no other scheduling conflicts and the trip can indeed be performed by TCT, a dispatcher will accept the trip. While we make every effort to accept the trip; If the schedule is full on that day, the trip will be reassigned by the Medicaid broker to another transport business.

Once accepted, a TCT bus or Long Distance Medical Driver will be waiting to pick you up at your predetermined time. Riders are encouraged to call TCT the day before to confirm their pick up time.

Why Choose Tri-County Transit for Medicaid Transportation?
Our drivers attend several classes and trainings so they can best assist our passengers in all situations. These classes and trainings include: Defensive Driving training, Emergency Procedures training, Wheelchair Securement training and Passenger Assistance training.
Because driving for TCT is a “Safety Sensitive” position all drivers are also required to participate in drug and alcohol testing. Our drivers also provide personal service to clients, such as: assisting clients in and out of vehicles, carrying packages for elderly or disabled clients to (not through) the door and operating the wheelchair lift to load and unload wheelchair passengers.

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  Labor Day  Monday, Sept. 4th         Flex Route  CLOSED        Door to Door  CLOSED
Columbus Day  Monday, Oct. 9th     Flex Route  OPERATING      Door to Door  CLOSED
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